Sunday, February 19, 2012

Operation Manual PE770

Hari ini E-na cuba untuk habiskan membaca Operation Manual Mesin Sulam brother PE770. Tak sabar nak try menyulam ni....:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mesin Sulam Berkomputer

Sedang shopping barang dapur di Tachiya, posmen call kata ada barang sampai....besar, boleh tinggal depan pintu tak....kalau tak boleh dia bawa balik dan lambat la dtg hantar semula. Hubby minta tinggalkan depan pintu coz dalam 30 minit lagi kami sampai umah. Suspen dan berdebar juga masa on the way balik... bila sampai depan pintu memang ada kotak mesin jahit sulaman berkomputer Brother PE770. Alhamdulilah selamat sampai...Hati berbunga riang dapat barang yang diidamkan sekian lama. Rasanya baru 4 hari lepas order, cepat pulak  sampai...macam tau2 je tuannya tak sabar...he he.

Thanks my dear hubby....u make my dreams come true...:))

Monday, February 13, 2012

Specifications of Brother PE 770

Ciri-ciri Mesin Sulam Brother PE770 dari Mr. Vac and Mrs Sew...

Large 5" x 7" Embroidery Field

The Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine has a generous 5" x 7" embroidery field allowing you to embroider many designs available on the market with ease. Enjoy embroidering pillows, blankets, shirts and more! With the Brother PE-770 there is no end to your creativity.
Built-In USB Flash Drive Port'

Built-In USB Flash Drive Port

The Brother PE-770 has a Built-In USB Flash Drive Port allowing you to read thousands of embroidery designs right from a USB Flash Drive. You can store thousands of embroidery designs found on CD's, Floppy's, the Internet and more right on a USB Flash Drive and embroider them by simply plugging in your USB Flash Drive and picking the one you want to embroider. There Is No Direct Connection to the Computer Necessary!
Embroiders at 650 Stitches Per Minute'

Embroiders at 650 Stitches Per Minute

Even at the Brother PE-770's amazingly high speed of 650 stitches per minute, you will experience crisp and precise embroidery.

Included 5" x 7" Embroidery Hoop

The Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine comes with a 5" x 7" embroidery hoop allowing you to embroider many designs with ease. If you need more hoops be sure to checkout the Elipse 4-Hoop Embroidery Package made specifically for the Brother PE-770 which includes a Pocket Hoop, 4" x 4" Hoop, another 5" x 7" hoop and a Three Position 5" x 12" Hoop. Click the Link Below for more Details:

Click Here To See the Optional Elipse 4-Hoop Embroidery Package

Backlit LCD Touch Screen'

Backlit LCD Touch Screen

The Brother PE-770 has a truly amazing Backlit LCD Touch screen which allows you to manage all of functions with a tap of the screen. Since the Touch Screen is backlit so you can even control embroidery functions in the dark and low light!
Easy-To-Use Functions '

Easy-To-Use Functions

A conveniently located Function Panel is located right in front of the user, allowing easy access to the Programmed Thread Trimming Button, Needle Up/Down Button and Start/Stop Button.
Automatic Needle Threader '

Automatic Needle Threader

With the Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine advanced built-in system, threading the needle is fast, easy, reliable and effortless. Simply following the printed steps found on the machine from 1-9, push down a lever and your needle is threaded! It is that simple! No more straining of the eyes or spending a lot of time struggling to put the thread through the tiny eye of the needle. The Automatic Needle Threader does it for you!
Quick Set Bobbin System'

Quick Set Bobbin System

When installing a bobbin in the Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine simply drop in a full bobbin, thread in the direction of the arrow and you are ready to sew. Nothing could be simpler. No longer do you have to bring up you bobbin thread because the machine does it for you!
F.A.S.T. Bobbin Winding System'

F.A.S.T. Bobbin Winding System

Bobbin winding is easier with the Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine. Wind the thread four or five times around the bobbin, pass it through the guide slot, and press the start button. Simple.
136 Built-In Embroidery Designs'

136 Built-In Embroidery Designs

The Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine has 136 built-in embroidery designs, so you can start embroidering right out of the box.

Click Here To See All Of The Built-In Designs Enlarged

6 Built-In Embroidery Fonts'

6 Built-In Embroidery Fonts

You can start embroidering your child's name, dog's name or any name you like on your pillows, blankets, towels, etc. with one of the 6 Built-In Embroidery Fonts right out of the box. 

Click Here To See All Of The Built-In Fonts Enlarged

10 Built-In Frame Shapes and 12 Border Shapes'

10 Built-In Frame Shapes and 12 Border Shapes

You can put the finishing touch on your embroidery projects with one of the 10 Built-In Frame Shapes or 12 Border Shapes. 

Click Here To See All Of The Built-In Frames and Borders Enlarged

Built-In Card Slot'

Built-In Card Slot

The Built-In card slot gives you access to thousands of additional optional Brother embroidery designs. Remember: The Brother PE-770 also has a Built-In USB Flash Drive port allowing you the ability to embroider thousands of embroidery designs saved to your USB Flash Drive.
Trace Embroidery Designs'

Trace Embroidery Designs

With the Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine's 9-point trace, you can see exactly where your embroidery pattern is positioned as the machine outlines the embroidery pattern's size and position.
Simple On-Screen Editing'

Simple On-Screen Editing

With the Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine you can position your design wherever you like, rotate your design, reflect your design and increase the size the size of your design right on the Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine's LCD Touch Screen.
On-Screen Instructions'

On-Screen Instructions

In case you don't understand something such as winding the bobbin, the Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine has On-Screen instructions to help you better understand and utilize your machine. Simply select the instructions you require and the machine will give you step by step instructions on how to perform that task.
Step By Step Instructions'

Step By Step Instructions

After selecting the instructions you require the machine will give you step by step instructions on how to perform that function. Let's say you select how to wind the bobbin, the screen will explain how to wind your bobbin in 15 simple animations.
Easy Font Selection'

Easy Font Selection

The Brother PE-770 allows you to choose one of the 6 Built-In Embroidery Fonts with ease. Simply tap the desired font and the the letter or letters you require.
Easy Letter Selection'

Easy Letter Selection

The Brother PE-770 allows you to pick whichever letters you require to make a monogram, name etc. Simply tap the desired letters and the machine will combine them. You can even choose the size of your font (Large, Medium, Small) and whether you want the letters Uppercase or Lowercase.
Embroidery Design Color By Color'

Embroidery Design Color By Color

The Brother PE-770 tells you exactly which color is best suited for the embroidery design you are creating. You are not required to use use those colors but Brother takes away the trouble of looking for the "proper" color.
Adjustable Settings'

Adjustable Settings

The Brother PE-770 allows you to adjust your settings with the tap of the screen. You can adjust the size measurements used, the tension, the maximum embroidery speed and more all with a tap!
Included Accessories'

Included Accessories

Scissors, Spools Caps, Bobbins, Screwdrivers, a Dust Cover and more are included with the purchase of the Brother PE-770.

Programmed Thread Trimming
The automatic thread trimming cuts both upper and lower threads at the end of each thread color. The Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine is equipped with a Thread Cutter Button allows you to cut both the upper and lower threads with the touch of a button whenever you like.

Up/down Needle Stop Position

With the press of a button you can set the needle in the highest or lowest position. This function is perfect when using your automatic needle threader, because it will set your needle at the highest position for flawless threading of the needle.

Start/Stop Button

The Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine has a button called the Start/Stop Button, which allows you to start your embroidery projects with the touch of a button. The Button will be lit green when your machine is completely set-up to sew the embroider or lit red if your machine is not ready (The Embroidery Foot is not in the down position, you have not picked a design, etc.).

Design Memory

The Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine has memory; so you can save your embroidery design, shut down your machine and turn it back on and it will remember both your pattern's stitches and position.

Panduan Memilih Stabilizer untuk Sulaman Mesin

Ada pelbagai jenis dan kegunaan stabilizer. Article dari Lydia Morgan di bawah boleh di jadikan panduan bagi yang ingin membeli stabilizer untuk membuat sulaman mesin.

Selecting the Right Stabilizer

There are many backings sold today for use in machine embroidery to stabilize your fabric while sewing designs. Whether doing free motion embroidery or programmed stitching, the end product can be improved when stabilizers are used. These stabilizers often will give embroidery a better finished look and prevent puckering and bunching of stitches. 
Backings can be permanent or temporary. Permanent backings are normally cut around after sewing the design and are made to be washied with the garment. Temporary backings are removed after the design is done.

Temporary Stabilizers

Tear-Away Stabilizers
Tear-Away is available in several weights and can be used in single or double layers. It is recommended for use with medium to heavyweight fabrics and densely stitched embroidery designs. After completing the design, it can be torn away in either the horizontal or vertical direction. It should be removed carefully in order to not disturb the stitches in your design. It is not recommended for delicate fabrics or sweaters. It is available in Black and White.

Iron-On Tear-Away
This stabilizer is excellent for medium to heavyweight knit fabric. For best results when ironing on, be sure to avoid stretching the knit.

Adhesive-Backed Tear-Away
Place Adhesive-Backed Tear-Away in your hoop. Peel away protective paper, then lay the fabric to be embroidered over the hoop and smooth in place. Great for small collar areas, velvets, napped fabrics and embroidering on patch blanks and baby bibs.

Soluble Stabilizer
Use this stabilizer for delicate, washable fabric and high pile fabric such as terry. It is a gelatin sheet that dissolves in warm water. For a terry fabric, place stabilizer top and bottom and place in hoop. For a finished design, use embroidery thread as the bobbin thread.

Heat-Away® Stabilizer
Use this stabilizer for fabrics that can tolerate heat but can not be washed. Also good for designs not dense enough for Tear-Away.

Tear-Away/Wash-Away Embroidery Stabilizer
This Tear-Away has unique Wash-Away characteristics that leaves the embroidery soft and free of stabilizer after the garment has been washed and yet the stitches remain firmly locked.

Stitch & Ditch Stabilizer
Lightweight Tear-Away stabilizer perfect for machine embroidery, paper quilt piecing and transferring quilt designs. Because of its light weight, removal is easy after sewing; and stitching is undisturbed. Can be used in multiple layers. Narrow width is perfect for heirloom sewing.

Permanent Stabilizers

Cut-Away Stabilizers
Cut-Away is used by professionals and is meant to remain with the garment. It washes well and is excellent for jobs where the stabilizer comes in contact with the skin, such as golf shirts or sweaters.

Poly-Mesh Cutaway
Woven stabilizer especially designed for extra stability on lightweight fabrics and knits. Unlike regular Cut-Aways This semitransparent poly-mesh will not show through white garments.

Use this extra puffy permanent stabilizer for a raised or quilted look under an applique design.

Fusible Cut-Away
This iron-on Cut-Away stabilizer is soft, lightweight and launders well. Used when designs on knits and unstable stretchy fabrics call for a permanent stabilizer. 

To decide which backing to use, you need to evaluate the following:

  • The type of fabric
  • The density of the stitches
  • The weight of the fabric
  • The embroidery design itself.

The following are suggestions, if you are unfamiliar with stabilizers or are just beginning with machine embroidery or embellishment:

  1. Collect several fabrics that you enjoy using.
  2. Purchase the Stabilizer Special. See Embroidery Stabilizers 
  3. Select a closed or close stitched design and an open design to be used with each fabric and stabilizer. 
  4. Use the stabilizer as directed on each sample piece (be sure to permanently mark the type of stabilizer used on each design).
  5. Make both designs on each fabric piece with each type stabilizer. 
  6. Now launder the different types of fabrics and usual. If washing and drying will be included, launder the items several times. 

After using the various stabilizers, you willl have a better idea, based on fabric type, which stabilizer to use or at least give you a starting point when selecting the best stabilizer for a project. 

For example, if you enjoy working with knits and have limited time, purchase an inexpensive knit top and embellish it with several items from your machiens embroidery card using different stabilizers on each design. On one design, use one layer of TearAway, the next two layers, then one with heavy Tear Away and one with temporary adhesive backed Tear Away and the last with CutAway. Keep a diagram of what was used and where; then wear the garment. 

After a number of washings you will determine which stabilizer works best on your knit garment. If any puckering occurs when washed, a quick press on the remaining designs will alleviate this.